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Compliance Strategies

Need a Safety and Training Plan that adheres to the many
compliance agencies?

Are you a small business or contractor that has been overwhelmed with meeting requirements or jumping through hoops that are required by large energy companies?

Are one of these hoops being told you have to subscribe to a compliance agency?

We are a Not-For-Profit Safety Council with over 20 years experience in writing plans, policies, and procedures; contract and budget administration; and program/project coordination.

We have the experience to set your company up in any one of the compliance agencies, and writing/revising Safety Management Plans, Quality Control Plans, Employee Handbooks, and Company Policies and Procedures to ensure compliance with OHSA and other regulations and standards.

Let us take the hassle away from you. We can provide service nationwide any company needing assistance. we can take the burden off of you, so that you can get back to work!

Email Branden@mssc.org for a FREE consultation.